Great music coming to Leadenham near Grantham
8th February 2011
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This is a band that began in the kitchen so to speak when James MacLetchie and Kevin De las Casas got together and began writing music. This new sound was released in 2007 in the Hebrides and the band have forged on since that time releasing two albums and a third on the way.
The song writing  partnership of James and Kevin is indeed unique. In two years they have penned more than seventy new Gaelic songs, in genres ranging from ska, hip hop, rap, reggae, rock, pop and the first dub track. Proving beyond doubt the flexibility of the Gaelic language and it's place in world music.
The most radical band in Gaelic music.... . Bi Beo are prepared to make a stand against the things others try to deny or discuss through their lyrics. They have the attitude that radical music can lead to change as well as re-establish the passion in what is already there.
Their music is hailed as ` inspirational, evocative and energetic. One thing is for sure, Bi Beo are about creating an energy and feel good factor. Wild gigs and wonderful music..........Bi Beo are on the up !!!!!!

They are performing at Leadenham Village Hall on March 12, 8pm - late.

Contact Fiona on 01529 415162

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