Grantham on the BBC at Six Tonight
7th September 2010
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It may be just a rumour but I did get a phone call this morning saying that BBC news have come to Grantham to get a view on how local businesses and people are coping with the current economy and it's being showcased tonight at 6.00pm. Bet M & S gets mentioned!

No doubt it will be a short feature but it will be interesting to get feedback from the local community - and indicative of how the next quarter and start to 2011 might play out. If you are a small business take the time to switch on.

Does Grantham blame Tony Blair who is getting a lot of stick at the moment? Would we throw eggs and shoes at him? For some -  in Sierra Leone, Kosov and Ireland he is a hero. Is it just a minority that despise him? I only ask cause I've got Radio 2/Jeremy Vine on and he does appear to be lauded by many across the world whereas other want to move his book to the crime section! Seems to be a lot of hostility. Does Grantham blame him for the economy and the financial hardships we are facing today?

 What is Grantham's perspective? Maybe we will find out tonight

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