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18th March 2010
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You are a small business, you have your own email system and staff who love to communicate with each other and your customers. But there is something missing. Mobile communications and email.

Now a days everyone from children to grand parents have mobile devices for talking. Big business users all seem to have blackberrys or crackberrys as they have become known due to their addictive nature, I should know, I have two.

Your staff are mobile workers, out seeing customers but have very little chance of getting emails unless they are online or using expensive mobile broadband dongles.

Blackberry has always been associated with big business with big costs per user. The enterprise server from RIM used to cost £30 per user from most mobile providers, this is a monthly recurring cost. Depending on the number of users the actual server software was way above most small companies budgets and you had to buy a licence per 5 users.

Now this has all changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Introducing the Blackberry Enterprise Server  Express System. This is a free, I repeat and bold it ***FREE*** download for anyone who has their own Exchange Server or Lotus Notes server and wants to have mobile email to their employees.

You can support up to 1000 devices/users on this system. Best practice is 75 users which is more than enough for small business.

What's the catch or costs, there must be one? I thought this when I first heard about it. I'll come to that.

Anyone can get a blackberry device, some for as little as £20 a month acording to the latest adverts. You pay £5 a month for internet based email access such as hotmail, gmail etc.

Well Enterprise Server Express works with this. So for your £5 a month per user you can have big business mobile email, which can read attachments (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF) remotely access shared resources if configured that way, via VPN and wireless access so no need to carry your laptop all the time.

Now the catch, if you can call it that. You get no support unless you buy a contract, however it seems to run flawlessly once you get it installed.

Now installation, its not that easy, you need alot of pre-installation work done before you click setup, nothing major, just time consuming. However the benefits are enormous.

Here at Wardour Secure Networks Limited we have been running it since day one of release; once the installtion troubles were over, the ease of use and adding of users far out weighs the installtion woes. So far I can honestly say it is a good move by RIM/Blackberry to offer a FREE server like this to anyone who wants it. To find out more why not call us on 01476 573599 for a no obligation chat about your requirements.

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