George Michael Week
22nd November 2009
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My husband was talking about it at the barbers with his hairdresser and I was talking about it with mine - Phil at UK Hair and Holistics in Grantham! The X Factor of course. Hairdressers no longer need to talk about the weather or what we are doing Saturday night cause they know everyone is in front of the telly.

Joey was the star of last night's George Michael themed show although Louis still mananged a faceitous dig; "I loved the Elton John song" Daniel stripped back Careless Whisper and that's the vote for me. Jedward of course still have their fans - a lot of twins seem to be relating to them, admitting they live in Jedward land and they are also Heat's journalistic dream. Somebody at The Daily Record seem to think they are bigger than The Beatles!

Joan Collins was in the audience last night - her words - 'I was clapping and screaming' - gladitorial style no doubt. Why oh why is Joanie still wearing lepoard print?

Louis got a lot of flack last night - someone somewhere pointedly remarked that if Louis thought Jamie Afro factor was just a pub singer then Jedward must stand for Bob he Builder

Tonight we have Suzanne Boyle  and diva Mariah Carey who obviously has a new album coming out.

And the show must go on!

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