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7th December 2010
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We all know we should have good security on our PCs and laptops. This is common sense and you are always told this time and time again. But how safe are you really?

Safe Surfing Campaigners, Get Safe Online have released some interesting statistics about safe online security.

They claim about 25% of the UK population online have been targeted by a new type of virus scam. Unfortunately this is chillingly close to the truth.

This involves a telephone call claiming to be a anti-virus organisation who will inform the user that they have a virus on their computer. Interesting enough, they also claim to be looking at it whilst on the phone.

Of course, for a charge, they will remove this "non-existant" virus for you, by providing you with a link to some software.

The software link is to malware which once installed is designed to steal credit card numbers and other sensitive information such as passwords, bank details etc.

An interesting story I heard from a customer is that a friend of his had the call, listened to every word they said and once the caller explained that he was looking at the virus on her machine online then it became interesting for her. Infact her broadband had been down for a few days due to a BT fault so she couldn't be online. She told the caller that she was not online, the caller insisted she had a virus. Once the caller had been told more than once there was a fault the line went dead.

Too many people are falling for this online/ cold calling scam. Only approximately 87% of internet users have upto date security protection.

Having a security solution is great, but keeping it up to date is even better.

Finally no security company will call you to tell you that you have a virus - so do not believe them. Buy your security solution from a reputable source, get something reliable and if in doubt ask someone who knows. After all most peoples lives are now held on their computers, in some form or another

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