Brand Britain and Street Parties; what are your Jubilee plans Grantham?
25th May 2012
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How are you celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee? Apart from a four-day Bank Holiday. Yay!

'Refreshing and Brilliantly British' Carling taps into Jubilee excitement - an initiative which calls on neighbourhoods to come together to celebrate the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s 60th year. Do your marketing plans tap into Jubilee fervour? Are you having a street party.

If you want to have a small street party, you have to tell your local council’s events or communities team. They need to know about your event ahead of time.

Grantham retailers how are you branding? Harrods  for example are celebrating Diamond Jubilee with a Special Product Line and Store Celebrations. Do you have a Jubilee collection; plates, mugs, pillows, keychains, food products, tote bags or towels - for example!

Grantham pubs, coffee shops, wine bars and restaurants - do you have a Jubilee menu?

We want to hear all about your Jubilee plans. Happy to promote them for you here!

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