Bear Grylls battle with back pain and how Bowen Treatment helped
8th September 2011
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This is an excerpt from The Daily Mail by Moira Petty on Adventurer Bear Grylls' battle with back pain and high cholesterol

'To the outside world, the adventurer Bear Grylls epitomises supreme fitness. The man who catapults himself into alien, life-threatening environments, surviving on his wits alone, practically bursts with good health - or so it seems to the viewer watching him on television from the comfort of the sofa.
Yet despite appearances, Bear has been plagued with back pain for over ten years - for which he only recently found an effective treatment.
More worryingly, he also suffers from high levels of cholesterol, caused by a genetic disease which killed his father and grandfather - and which poses as much of a danger to him as his Boys' Own exploits.
As well as his risk of heart disease, Bear also suffers from chronic back problems.
Twelve years ago, aged 21, he broke his back when training with the SAS after his parachute failed to inflate at 16,000 feet.
Deep massage helped, but he says he always felt physically 'unbalanced' by his injury.
Then a year ago his wife suggested he see a Bowen therapist. The Bowen technique, developed in the 1950s, involves using rolling movements over muscles, ligaments and tendons.
This is said to send impulses to the brain to trigger the body's own healing system.
Bear describes himself as now 'hooked' and has treatment every month.' Soothing Hands at Hougham near Grantham are now here to help you if you are suffering with back, neck pain, frozen shoulder, sports injuries and much more. Contact Marilyn for more details

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