What is the best advice going on holiday if you suffer from a bad back?
19th July 2013
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Holidays should be the best time of the year and you clearly don't want your time away being spoilt by back pain. Believe it or not this is a common problem due to a combination of sleeping in a different bed, the basic rigours of travel and simply a change from your usual routine.


So we've put some top tips together to help you avoid a painful back


Ensure you stop and have regular breaks

If you've a long drive take time to stretch your legs (and arms!)


Drink lots of water

Dehydration can exacerbate muscle pains/cramps, particularly when flying. It's important in a pressurised cabin to stay hydrated


Choose your suitcase wisely

Keep your baggage to a minimum & travel light. The cases with wheels are brilliant. Push, don’t pull. Pulling a wheeled suitcase behind you can cause the back to twist.


Stay sharp at the Carousel

Take care when lifting your suitcase off the Carousel. A risk of injury is increased when you have been sitting on a flight and had limited leg room. Tip: When lifting the suitcase off the caousel get as close as possible and pull it towards your body. Twisting and lifting whilst bent forward is an absolute no, no.


Change your position

When lounging around the pool or beach - get up and move. Don't stay in the same pose for long!


Have a chiropractic check up before you travel if you are feeling stiff. We can help ease any tight joints; a great preventative measure to ensure your holiday is great! ☎  01476 501301




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