An Introduction to the person behind Soothing Hands
9th December 2011
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I guess you could say I have a wide and varied experience from the ‘university of life’ which includes child rearing, organisational skills, secretarial and administration experience; working as a carer and Bowen Therapy. My husband’s car accident in 1996 took me from nursery nurse training to carer and this in turn led me to the Bowen technique as a client. I was blown away by its gentleness and the positive results on both myself and my husband. After four years I decided to train as a therapist myself. My big love, apart from my husband of course, is playing the piano.

My husband Steve joined the RAF Police in 1971 rising to the rank of Flight Sergeant, leaving the service in 1990. His last six years in the air force were spent as an Instructor at the RAF Police School, then at RAF Newton; first in Counter Intelligence then in Computer Security. The following year he taught Computer Security in NATO before joining a newly established company called Nuclear Electric as the first IT Security Officer.
In 1996 he was returning to our home in Gloucester when he was involved in a head-on crash with a lorry, the driver of which was later convicted of careless driving. He suffered two shattered legs, a broken collar bone, broken ribs and multiple lacerations of his stomach, arms and hands. After three years of trying to heal the bones and 11 operations, he finally had his left leg amputated above the knee because of an infection in the bone in 1999. He was medically retired in 1997.
The more people I treat with Bowen therapy, the more I am amazed at the differing responses the body has to treatment. Bowen therapy has eased Steve’s very painful and consistent stump spasms considerably. In addition it has eased the nerve pain in his left hand and shoulder pain, caused by wheelchair use for 15 years.
I practice at The Firs in Hougham which is accessible for wheelchairs and in Grantham, 25 St Catherine Street. If you are trying to manage pain or stress, give me a call on 07919 128352 and we will give you hands-on, non-invasive remedial therapy


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