African & Caribbean Association Ltd
African & Caribbean Association Ltd
  • 213 Barton Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire
    GL1 4HY

The Afro-Caribbean Association was established informally some 20 years ago by a group of young people who were disillusioned at that time with the existing organisation, the United West Indian Action Group. It was felt that the organisation had dealt ineffectively with a number of incidents which took place between the Police and young people.  This group of young people felt that no one was being proactive enough; so they decided to form a group to become more vocal and proactive on behalf of the African-Caribbean Community in the City of Gloucester.

Within a year mainly due to funding-related problems, the two organisations decided that unless they took the initiative to talk to each other, identify common goals, and establish a working relationship the ‘Divide and Rule’ tactics being employed by funding agencies would prevail. Eventually a merger between the two organisations took place. The new Gloucestershire Afro-Caribbean Association was formed

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