Outsourcing your human resources
19th August 2016
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Many large organisations have their own HR department to handle such tasks but sometimes smaller companies can’t afford or just don’t have the resources to have an in-house Human resources team. This is when companies can look to outsource their HR tasks.

Both in- house and outsourced HR personnel have both pros and cons. If you’re wondering which option is best for your business’ growth and needs, then read on to help you decide which next step you should take.


Having an in- house HR department that works all year- round whether there is a position to be filled or none can cost a company some unnecessary expenses when it comes to recruiting people. As for outsourced HR team, they are paid via commission by the number of qualified people they are able to introduce in a company. In simple terms, it’s a simple buy and sell process for the outsourced. A outsourced firm will find products (aka qualified people) and they will earn through their profit once the companies have bought (aka hired) them. This will lessen the cost for the company as the outsourced HR team is only paid when needed.


It is the in- house HR department’s task to train new employees. Employing an outsources HR team can mean this task falls into the hands of other employees. 

Separation of Task at Hand

An in- house HR team will be the one providing or conducting exams, interviews up to preparing the employees’ payroll. When you outsourced your HR, you might need to hire separate consultants who will focus on recruiting people and other consultants who will process your employees’ payroll. Though it can be efficient to divide the tasks that need to be accomplished, hiring another consultant who knows nothing about the company’s culture and set- up might cause a problem in the future.

If after thorough research and study you found out that your company will benefit more in outsourcing your HR, never hesitate to contact EmployEasily Legal Service Limited to fulfill your HR needs. Their proven track record of good reputation for excellently managing employees will lift off the burden from your hands of worrying how to effectively manage your people. From administrative to legal concerns with your employees, EmployEasily Legal Service Limited can manage it. 

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