Managing Long-Term Staff Absence with EmployEasily Legal Services
16th February 2016
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Managing Long-Term Staff Absence 

Long-Term Staff Absence is proven to have a large effect on organisations in the UK today, with organisations facing a range of impacts on their business due to absence of staff. According to research recently carried out by the CIPD, the yearly cost of sickness absence for UK organisations is now in the region of £29billion (Source, HR Magazine). In 2013, it was recorded that 131 million working days were lost due to sickness of employees. Clearly, this can have detrimental effects on businesses which is why EmployEasily are hosting an effective and free of charge ‘Managing Long-Term Staff Absence Workshop’ on Tuesday 12th April 2016 from 17:30 to 20:30 (BST).

Established in 2008, EmployEasily are a multiaward winning legal services business specialising in HR and Employment Law based in Glasgow. EmployEasily provide specialist Employment Law advice and HR services throughout the UK and Scotland.

You may be asking what are the impacts on businesses and other organisations from staff absence?  Well they can be both direct and indirect…

-          Obligations to pay the salary or sick pay of absent workers.

Within employees contracts, you are more than likely to be obliged by law to pay the salary/sick pay of absent workers.

-          Reduction in productivity of your business, due to less workers.

Less workers will mean less people to complete work, resulting in a reduction in productivity of your business.

-          Having to find, train and pay for temporary cover.

Not only does this add to the costs of your business, but the time consumption is also costly to your business.

-          Reduction in motivation and morale from the other staff.

Staff with low morale and motivation can further lead to a reduction in productivity of your business and customers not receiving the service they require. With other employees having to receive extra workload, this could lead to further absence of staff due to overwork or stress.

-          Possibility of reduced customer satisfaction.

With less staff to help and staff with low morale and motivation, customers could be less satisfied with the service that they are receiving.


What is the solution to managing this long-term absence of staff? EmployEasily’s workshop will certainly provide you with the solutions.

To find out more about this workshop, and to contact EmployEasily click here.

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