Is Your Business Facing an Employment Tribunal?
21st June 2016
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An employment tribunal rules and procedures can prove pretty confusing for a business who has no experience or knowledge in them. But, EmployEasily can certainly help you with your Employment Tribunal Representation offering which helps you save both time and money.

This is why EmployEasily are now offering a fixed-free Employment Tribunal Representation for your business which covers each step of an Employment Tribunal Claim.

This will allow and help your business in terms of controlling your costs, minimising stress, wasted time and manage resources efficient and effectively. All in aim of allowing you to focus on your business.

If you have received an Employment Tribunal Claim or a threat, EmployEasily are able to help. The first step would be reviewing all the facts of the case at hand, EmployEasily will then give an honest assessment that is free of charge. After the assessment, EmployEasily will clearly state in clear English with no jargon the options that you can take.

After taking all the options given to you into account, EmployEasily can then offer a mix of fixed fee and hourly rate support packages that are suitable to your business, enabling you to control your costs.


If your business is facing an Employment Tribunal and you would like support in a cost effective manner, contact EmployEasily legal services today.


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