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Whatever you are looking for – a range of daily fitness classes or a weight loss and fitness programmes designed for life visit the Hillmotts Spa & Fitness Retreat.

If you're keen to get your mind and body into shape, and to stay in shape then Hillmotts is just the perfect proposition for you. Offering a wide range of Weight Loss Fitness Programmes for men, women and children together with nutritional advice this is weight loss and fitness that you can continue with long after you have finished your retreat.


You will find Hillmotts Fitness Retreats nestled in a stunning 2,000 acre country estate in Beaconsfield connecting with Burnham Beeches giving you a further 540 acres to cycle and walk through. Enjoying your fitness retreat in this wonderful countryside revives you and encourages you to work harder and ultimately you will find it more rewarding thant being in a gym or stuffy room.


So why choose Hillmotts?


The retreats at Hillmotts have been devised by co-owners, Cleo Collins and Neil McLaren. Neil who, when it comes to fitness and nutrition, has quite literally "been there, done that and got the t-shirt" and Cleo together came up with the concept whilst training Neil for the Great North Run. Extremely overweight and very unfit, Neil was coaxed by personal trainer, Cleo, to transform his life. In the space of 6 months he progressed from being someone who could hardly run for 30 continuous seconds without being completely out of breath to a man who lost 3 stone and could run 7 miles without breaking sweat. Neil went on to complete the Great North Run just a short 3 months later having lost a further stone in weight. It was the pinnacle of achievements for someone who had spent most of his life overweight, eating greasy, fast food.


The feeling of satisfaction was so enormous it spurred Neil and Cleo on to creating the Hillmotts Fitness Retreat offering individuals the chance to embark upon lifestyle changes focused on fitness and nutrition.


Who Comes To Hillmotts?


Hillmotts specialises in helping individuals lose weight in a positive and compassionate environment actively encouraging them to have faith in being able to make a lifestyle change for the long term. Hillmotts helps clients to pinpoint problems causing weight issues and then helps them to find the answers to deal with them.


Hillmotts will put together a long term educational plan that encompasses fitness and nutrition together with future support that enables them to continue the lifestyle change long after they have left the retreat.


So what does it involve?


Hillmotts highly talented and professionally trained coaches offer a range of activities for you to join in with including:


  • Long Hikes
  • Jogging
  • Running


Training includes:


  • Interval Training
  • Kettlebells
  • TRX
  • Group games
  • Zumba
  • Kick Boxing/Boxing
  • Body Attack (Aerobics)
  • Body Conditioning
  • Circuit Training


There are also more relaxing sessions such as Meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi and Yoga to enjoy.


If the weather is too extreme to offer training outside, then Hillmotts has an indoor studio to use.




Focusing on individuals and the lifestyle changes that person wants to make and Hillmotts will devise a programme based around their capabilities and wants. So whether you are looking for a gentle introduction or something more military style, Hillmotts can be of service! The overriding theme throughout is that all the programmes will introduce new ways of eating, living and caring for your body in a sensible and moderate way that will continue in the long term.


You can attend a taster of either a 2 Hour, Half Day and Full Day session, before booking onto one of the retreats. The residential weight loss and fitness programme takes place weekly with a choice of 2-7 day packages. The programme can also be attended on a non-residential basis.


Food Glorious Food


At Hillmotts, you will not feel that you are being starved to achieve your weight loss goals, and neither will the food be bland because one of the most fantastic things about the Fitness Retreats is unquestionably the food. Celebrity chefs, Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi have been instrumental in producing dishes that taste amazing and are easy to cook but just as importantly, the menus have been constructed to aid weight loss and to help you become healthier.


If you have any specific diet and nutrition questions you can take part in the daily lunchtime discussions. All the information discussed is emailed to you at the end of your stay for you to refer back to.


Giancarlo and Katie Caldesi also host an optional cookery course which is exceptionally popular with visitors to the retreat. The combination of the tasty, easy-to-cook recipes combined with an educational approach to nutrition sees many guests hit the kitchen as soon as they get home!


Hillmotts ultimate aim is to help you achieve weight loss through fitness and healthy eating goals that you will keep implementing in the long term. That's why Hillmotts equips you with the tools you need to for eating a healthy, well balanced diet at home after you leave the retreat. Ultimately you will have the proper fuel you need for your exercise programme thus kick starting your change to a healthier way of life.



Fitness classes


If it's a regular weekly fitness session you are looking for then Hillmotts has something for everyone to join in with. At Hillmotts your fitness sessions will be fun and rewarding and with an enjoyable workout that takes you to your maximum capacity in a caring and encouraging way! All classes last 1 hour and take place throughout the day and evening. The maximum class size is 8 people (so make sure you book in advance!) training takes place both outdoors on the 2000 acre estate or indoors in the studio.


Choose from:


  • Zumba - a popular fitness program inspired by Latin dance and teams upbeat Latin music with cardiovascular exercise. Zumba is lots of fun and easy to learn.
  • Sivananda Yoga - Warmed up! (Done in a hot room)
    Hatha Yoga
    These forms of yoga take a holistic approach to physical and mental well being. Yoga requires you to support the weight of your body in different ways and helps shape long, lean muscles.
  • Circuits Training - combines high intensity aerobics and resistance training enabling you to target fat loss, muscle building and a fitter heart.
  • TRX and Kettlebells - this fitness class is never boring as you perform literally hundreds of total body exercises which improve posture and help prevent future sports injuries
  • Body Attack - aerobic style workouts
  • Body Pump - working out using dumbbells and barbells



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