Cottage Garden Nursery
  • Hunters Lodge
    Galloping Green Road
    Eighton Banks
    NE9 7XD
If you're looking for specialists in Garden Centres and Nurseries, Cottage Garden Nursery situated at Eighton Banks, Gateshead, are passionate about all things gardens - including yours

Cottage Garden Nursery

for Garden Centres & Nurseries

in Gateshead


A secret of Gateshead that should be shared

A real gardener's paradise whether you are a professional, gardening enthusiast or novice


Cottage Garden Nursery is a family run nursery and was established in 1982 by Loraine and Peter Shotton


Set in over two acres, the nursery still has a cottage garden atmosphere. You are surrounded by a vast array of beautiful plants  from the moment you drive into the car park - a real Garden of Eden


Exceptional Value For Money

Exceptional Service

Prices are extremely competitive. In fact you will be hard pushed to find such prices locally


Together with plants of quality and choice, Cottage Garden Nursery really do offer exceptional value. Which is why many garden centres and nurseries in the Gateshead and surrounding areas cannot  match the service of this specialist nursery


Expert Plant & Garden Advice

At Cottage Garden Nursery of Gateshead, Loraine and Peter can give you expert advice and information on your plants and garden requirements


Conservation plays a keynote at Cottage Garden Nursery and you will find unusual and rare plants for the collector, or anyone looking for something different


A supplier to Beamish Open Air Museum


Sourcing Plants

"Where do we buy from? Not always easy but a lot of the plants re-introduced into the gardens have been bought from Cottage Garden Nursery of Eighton Banks, Gateshead. It is not a conventional Garden Centre, more a proper growing nursery, and the owners and staff really know about the plants and specialise in herbaceous perennials, shrubs, trees and unusual plants.


The plants are always well labelled with proper Latin plant names, as well as the modern names and the cost of the plants is very reasonable. These are much cheaper than Garden Centres, who buy in everything and mark up prices for high returns"


So not your run of the mill regarding garden centres and nurseries


For more information on our philosophy and gardens, see our feature on The Best Of Gateshead under Days Out & Attractions


We are open from 10am to 5pm including Sunday and closed Tuesdays and Thursdays. We also close during the winter months


Please mention The Best Of Gateshead when contacting Cottage Garden Nursery for your gardening needs

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