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Blucando, Fleet and Farnborough

Once again Blucando have shown why they are IT Support company that I always refer people to and have used for years now. After an email hosting company refused to help me set up my mailboxes on a second machine "Not their responsability" (great customer service ,not) I had a go at doing it myself and as I should have expected I made a mess of it. A quick phone call to Ben at Blucando reassured me that it would be easy to fix and the stress levels just lifted away. It was a job that Ben said could be done while I wait so this morning I popped in and whilst having a pleasant chat my messed up mailbox was deleted and replaced within a very short space of time with a fully functional one. Ben was happy to spend a bit longer making sure that all the updates were running as they should be and that the mailbox was working to full efficiency. Lesson learnt for me, why mess around trying to do something myself when Blucando are there to help and always give to quality service to all their customers whether a large company (which I was part of when first using them) to personal customers like I am now since I retired. Thanks to Ben and Blucando