Summerhouse24 cabin of the month - BBQ HUT SEATTLE
  • Valid until: 01/03/2019
Summerhouse24 cabin of the month - BBQ HUT SEATTLE

Seattle BBQ hut in the garden is a perfect way to leave TV and video games at home and enjoy cooking and good company around the fire without those modern distractions.

You don’t even need electricity. Sometimes the best ways of entertaining yourself and your friends are the good old long-forgotten things. So bring the best appetizers. Grab your favorite drink.  Light up the charcoal. Sit back and kick off the gourmet BBQ dinner.

All hexagonal bbq huts have five windows.All our octagonal grill cabins have seven windows in the standard set. You can decrease the number of windows by as many as you want. Usually most of our customers prefer to keep two or three sides without windows. 


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