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Teresa BUlford-Cooper
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TBC Training near Exeter are providers of high quality cutting edge training courses based on the powerful NLP tool box and personal performance, Stress & Anxiety Coaching who care passionately for their clients.

Having been in business for over 2 decades we are well tried and trusted by award winning companies, both Nationally and Internationally.

So heres what we can do for you:

Provide you with excellent communication, people and sales skills which will save you and your business money

Less sick days taken - stress free employees

Teach coping techniques to employees which can reduce their anxiety and stress levels (a government requirement) leading to less days off sick.
Staff retention - Happy employees, happy boss!

Showing employees their personality types and showing them how to get along well and run your business like clockwork, making your business place a happy friendly place to be.

More profit = a healthy business.

Excellent people skills will enhance communication between employees and the public - leading to more sales.

Building Confidence and self esteem.
Lacking confidence and self esteem is a killer in any business. You will learn techniques to empower and put you in control so that you can focus on your business, not worrying about how to approach people and what people think of you.

Personal performance coaching - Knowing where to go, setting desired outcomes and and how to there

If you don't have direction how can you get anywhere? You need to follow your own values and beliefs - TBC Coaching will help you to succeed and be that successful person. Many people waste time and money running around and getting no where, you need to have focus and determination to succeed.

TBC Training’s very popular and highly successful courses are:
People skills
Stress reduction in the work place
Team Building
Confidence & Self esteem skills
Leadership and Management skills
women in Business
NLP in Business
Presentation Skills
Motivation & Goal setting

TBC Training also build bespoke courses for your company and offer in house training or training at an outside venue