• Barnfield Theatre
    Barnfield Road
    EX1 1SN
  • Saturday 25th August 4:00pm until 6:30pm
A Playback Youth Theatre production, Shandytown is an original musical from this groundbreaking youth theatre, featuring a live band and a cast of talented local young people. It promises to be a show to make you laugh, clap and ask questions.

What is home? What is the line between legality and morality? How do we keep a community alive?

The story:

Britain, 2019. House prices have continued to rise in many towns and villages across the country, to the point where home ownership is out of the reach of normal working people. Houses can only be afforded by the very very rich, who often own a second home in the countryside. In some villages in Devon and Cornwall, second home ownership has reached 100%. So there are, in fact, no permanent residents. One such village is South Handy.

However, people still need somewhere to live. And so, a new, radical solution is found to the problem… Squatting! The ancient right of people to make their home in vacant properties. First one, then two, then many families have come to find an illegal home in South Handy. But how long can they stay there, and what happens when the real owners turn up?

Social Interaction
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