Relax Kids Training
  • 17 St David's Hill Exeter
    EX4 3RG
  • Saturday 20th July, 9:00am - Until Sunday 21st July, 5:00pm
Ignite your PASSION Become a Relax Kids coach Are you passionate about children’s feelings and happiness? Do you feel the education system is letting children down? Would you like the flexibility to spend more quality time with your family?

Uncover your BRILLIANCE and join our fun-filled training: 

•Teach children positivity 

•Help them be happier 

•Support them to become more confident 

•Inspire them to feel calmer 

•Show them how to face life

•Spread the Relax Kids magic! 

“Do it, it will be the best thing you ever do. The course is well organised, clearly teaching you all 

suspects of the course to confidently deliver the class.” — Sarah 

Use your TALENT

A Relax Kids class includes warm up and movement, fun drama-based games, relaxing mindfulness

games, stretching and breathing exercises, massage, affirmations and visualisations. 

Classes take children from a high energy to a low energy and encourage them to relax while developing their creativity and imagination. Sessions support children’s mental and emotional well-being and give them tools manage stress and be more resilient, calm and confident.Have fun teaching classes where children can go on a different adventure each week from pirates to outer space to wizards. Our classes are fun, lively, creative and most importantly - relaxing. Children LOVE our classes, they are entertaining and stimulating as well as give them tools, which they can use for the rest of their life.This course is suitable for those wanting to set up classes teaching Relax Kids, but also teachers, therapists, parents, yoga and dance teachers and anyone who works with children. 

Change your LIFE 

“It’s the most creative, impactful, inspirational course I have ever been on. The training days provided by Relax Kids area quite simply life changing. The flexibility of how you can use the tools is incredible. I am buzzing with ideas and motivation.” Lisa 

Support your FAMILY 

“When I signed up to do the Relax Kids course I knew it was going give me inspirational ideas to help my family emotionally and of course other families I will eventually help. What I didn't expect was such a support network from a group of lovely Relax Kids coaches.” Shelley 


Relax Kids is the UK's leading expert in children's relaxation (founded in 2000)

Relax Kids is used in over a million homes and schools. 

• The Relax Kids system uses research-based relaxation techniques in a child-friendly, creative and imaginative way. 

• Our classes are Award-winning (The Relax Kids system was used in a project that won the 2011 Nursing Standards Award). 

• We have trained over 3000 coaches from 45 countries. 

• Relax Kids is recognised and recommended by doctors, psychologists, children's therapists, play workers, teachers and social workers. 

• The course can be adapted for working with special needs, children of all ages and used in a variety of settings such as schools, hospitals and community centres. 

• Relax Kids classes are supported with a wide range of highly recommended and widely used products and resources. 

After using Relax Kids, Sylvester Primary Schools exclusions reduced from 19 to zero in 3 years. 

Build your DREAM. As part of the training you will receive: 

Training with certification at the end Training manual. Store Credit to spend in the Relax Kids shop Class listing on the Relax Kids website License to sell RK products 

Online resource library- everything you need to run your classes. Access to online forum - receive support from a team of dedicated coaches 

Find your HAPPY 

“I’ve just become certified and I honestly can’t believe how much help, support, advice, resources and guidance is available with being a Relax Kids coach... it’s absolutely brilliant.” Susan 

Create your FUTURE Be a Relax Kids coach 


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