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I found Ophelia Talks a few years ago when I was beginning to crochet again after years away from the craft. I immediately fell in love with Anja's YouTube channel and her tutorials. Her tutorials helped bring me up to speed again in the art of crocheting and I've continued watching her videos and learning so much from them. There was a lot I didn't know and I will always be grateful to Anja and Ophelia Talks for helping me recapture the love of crochet again.
I just found your Youtube and I enjoyed it. BUT, I need to know about your bag with the trees on it. I HAVE EVERY BAG THEY MADE WITH THAT DESIGN!!! I thought I had every bag!!! Where did you find it? I definitely need it for my stash. Please get back to me! I subscribed so I can watch more of you. You do a great job! Sharon Lozano
One of the best programmes for crochet The instruction is clear and easy to follow There is a lot of fine items to make and a friendly atmosphere altogether
Hello Ophelia! I am absolutely amazed by your projekts! Very pretty and what is even better; your describe and film them so skillfully that your tutorials are easy to follow that it is a great pleasure to crochet along with you as my personal crochet buddy.
Love Anya's relaxed happy way of teaching crochet. Have learnt so much. Thx Anya from Perth, W. Australia .
Discovering Ophelia Talks has been amazing! I have wanted to learn to crochet for years but couldn't find anyone to teach me and I found most YouTube videos impossible to follow. Her infectious enthusiasm, bubbly laughter and clear instructions are a joy and I feel like I am meeting a friend when I tune in to her latest video. I am learning to create wonderful projects which I love all thanks to her.
Hollow Ophelia, I just found your channel few weeks ago I love your tutorials you make it very easy to follow I been watching you on YouTube all day My do list is getting longer and longer, haha where can I find play list if you could please send me a link to follow please thank you xoxo.
Hi, I’m after an easy crocheted poncho pattern for an 8 yo girl in a plain colour yarn. I’m a beginner & love your work.
I love Ophelia Talks! Anya is a great teacher, she has a wonderful personality, she is very easy to follow, and I love her patterns. ❤
Ophelia Talks is entertaining and educational. I have expanded my skills so much with her direction. She has a wonderful disposition and is so thoughtful in her designs. I can't say enough about how much better I am as a crocheter because of Ophelia, and i love when she goes live or posts a chat video because I know I'm going to laugh and have a great time and I also get great tips on things as well.
Ophelia talks videos make me smile inside and out. They are all my favorite. I am finishing my sixth viral shawl (this is an old Victorian Shawl pattern called Lady's Fan that always seemed to elude me) Anja 's tutorial is the only one which made sense to me. She is a brilliant teacher and a cherished friend. I watch her videos daily while I crochet and enjoy a cup of tea. Love the Photo Shoot in the park (hug Trevor for me) please more shopping and walking videos .:':. Love them all .:':.
Can you post a video on YouTube on crocheting a solid half square triangle. I mastered your whole solid square . Margaret
I really enjoy your YouTube videos, this is the first time I actually join a strangers Facebook page but I feel I have known you for ever... Thank you for your contents and your energy, please keep going your are a ray of sunshine to me. God bless
Ophelia has been one of the most positive influences on myself learning to crochet and all her tutorials and vlogs are positive and uplifting, it’s so very nice to come across a genuine person as Ophelia who has so much to give to the local community and world wide.I wish her the best of luck in all her endeavours.
Love Anja, love crochet, love Exmouth... Ophelia Talks fits the bill. Keep on vlogging :)
Ophelia, I like your tutorials and your pleasant personality shines through. I would like you to continue your videos but be aware not to overdo the length of talking or taking too long to explain something. I watched someone yesterday on Tunisian crochet and literally spend 5 minutes telling us about simple tools we needed, like pen, scissors etc. I am not a child and so I lost interest. Thank you and I hope you had a lovely holiday
I just wanted to thank Ophelia for the very help videos that have given me a new hobby at the tender age of 59 yrs old .... I always wanted to learn to Crochet but never got round to it but thanks to Ophelia and her detailed and patience on taking you through each step I now can Crochet at last . I've now made two blankets one cushion and infinity scarf and nearly finished my Poncho too . I had a couple of hiccups with the Poncho and I contacted Ophelia who was so kind to get back to me right away and give me advice to carry on . How I've lived without Crochet in my life before I do not know .... it's a lovely hobby and has helped me to connect to a whole new world of nice liked minded people and I look forward to many more projects from Ophelia very soon .
I really enjoyed your video making a gift box for the pin cushion. It was my first video of your work and I thought it was thorough and very well videotaped. You didn’t waste my time, you were precise and did not bore me like some videos can. Thank you
Hi Anoo, I'm going to make you Granny cluster Pancho. I'm wondering if you have pattern instructions for larger sizes?
I first found the Ophelia Talks You Tube channel when searching how to make the magic ring in crochet. I loved listening to her voice and her explanation was so easy to follow. Since then I've watched all her videos and have enjoyed and learned from them immensely. She's an excellent teacher and you can tell she really puts her heart into creating her wonderful tutorials. I'm from the U. S. and won't miss any video or tutorial by my favorite UK teacher!
Just discovered your beautiful crochet blankets. My favorite is the Chevron one.. I made one years ago but it is more spyky. I love your pattern the best and your colors are gorgeous. I also make quilts. Love your work but it goes a little too fast for me the tutorial for your Chevron instructions. I am visual challenged. I only have 1 eye I can see with. I googled for instructions for the chevron stitch but yours is much better than they showed it on my iPad. BTW my name is Yoka and I wS born and raised in The Netherlands. Loved the way how you pronounced Scheepjes wool it was perfect. Am loving your beautiful work and you do it so fast. Years ago I followed Lucy on line and was able than to print some of her instructions. You are one awesome lady Anne. Looking forward learning more from you. Happy crocheting! Yoka
I'm loving your instructions! I have been away from crocheting for many years, and trying to get back into it, and I feel like your help is excellent!
I first found Ophelia when she was sharing her card making tutorials. I enjoyed watching those, so I knew I wouldn't want to miss her on this new channel. Ophelia is a good speaker and makes her directions easy to follow.
Thank you for bring beautiful crotchet into my world. I thoroughly enjoy sharing in your lovely talent!
Very clear instructions. Great crochet group
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