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Where is best to dine out in Evesham

Having a young family, and working 9 days a week I am not a regular diner outer in Evesham !

However maybe you are more tuned in to the dining scene, this is where you can be a fount of knowledge!

Reply to this posting with all the best venues aro

What are views on carrier bags

As a newly appointed committee member of Evesham Bagbusters I am seeking a gereral debate on carrier bags.

If you are a retailer what are your views?? Do you sell carriers, or give them away ?

As a shopper, what do you think , Do you always have a

Evesham has a president

29 May 2008 17:10

Sally Ann Tarver has been elected prsident of the Trichology Institute, a great honour for this local lady and her business.
Sally Ann knows all there is to know about hair loss and scalp conditions, although I have chosen to go bald gracefully. !!

Riverside Centre

29 May 2008 15:48

I met Lisa thsi week, she is mthe Manager of Riverside Centre in Evesham and is really keen to make it a lively place and get locals through the doors. If you have ideas on how thsi can be done, post here.

There will be Model Search contests later in

Litter and Mess

29 May 2008 15:42

Call me a boring old f--t, but why do people drop litter ?

Bins are never far away, and as a kid I was always told to stuff wrappers into your pocket til you find a bin ! I always did, and now my kids do too - how difficult vis it. The problem is the

Entertainment at ACE ???

29 May 2008 15:36

What to do !!

I am going to try to get to the Evesham Arts Centre tonight to check out the "15" Session, and see what its all about.

This facility is so under utilised, probably because of its location. So next time you are thinking "what shall we