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After going to their open evening I had a tarot reading and a artist and I had the most amazing experience everyone is warm and welcoming and I wi definately be going again
Amazing tarot reading today. Very accurate ! Didn't want it to end I will be going back. He told me about a lot of things that had happend in the past and how it's affecting my life now. Words cannot describe just wow !! Thankyou so much
We went on one of the ghost tours and found it very interesting. Things are pointed out on buildings in the town you walk past every day and have never noticed, or even known why they're there. It makes a lovely evening stroll, and although we didn't see any ghosts, our dog who came along I'm sure he did. Will be recommending to all, fab tour.
What a great night out for a tenner I have lived in Evesham for 20 years and learnt more in Two hours about Evesham than in 20 years. Now when I walk around Evesham I am always looking up and down.
"They provide a unique service, the shop has a lovely atmosphere, very friendly and helpful. If you need a certain product, they will do their utmost to get them!"
They have a good and polite nature and are willing to help those who needed it, they also need excellent provides and will provide a good service to the people of Evesham.
The Ghost Tour was fascinating so much so I learnt something new about the town even though I have lived here all my life. Michael and Sue are great hosts and I would recommend anybody to do the tour. It is very informative, often funny and you learn so much about our lovely little town.
Michael and Sue are both really caring people and Michaelʼs reading was very accurate. So much so I now know where my life is leading. Thank you Michael and Sue.
it was really good how it gave me information about evesham and iʼve been in parts of evesham i never knew existed. it was very educational as well.
Thanks to everyone for taking the time to post a review. We really appreciate your input in our business. Sue and Michael.
hello tony harrison here, id like to tell you about the ghost tours, i have been on stratford and worcster but none of them compare to this all im sayin is ʼback of the netʼ. its brilliant one of the best nights ive had in yonks and its proper value 4 cash it almost feels like your ripping them off lol. michael tells u about all the sppoky things about the places while sue guides you around, its a great combo and gives a realy fun but eerie feel to it like ur bein watched, so you betta have them proton packs turned on cus u mite cake ya pants. Bingo, 10/10, lovely stuff, BANG ON i highley recommend it! TH
alrite im tony harrison, i jus want to tell you about the ghost tours, i have been on both the stratford and worcster tours and all im saying is ʼback of the net!ʼ one of the best nights ive had in ages its value 4 cash aswel, the Mic gives you all info about the places you go to and Sue shows you around the gaff, its a great combo in a way cus you get an eerie but fun vibe. i highley recommend to try it jus remember to have ur proton packs on cus its an experience 2 remember. TH
The Ghost tour was a truly exceptional experience. Even though I live in Evesham I didt know any of the history, I was amazed at the stories of ghosts, evil doings and the sightings; which made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. The whole experience was enjoyable and enthralling. Mike and Sues knowledge of local history made the experience really come alive. The time went so quickly. I would recommend this tour as a must for anyone interested in Ghosts or history.
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