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I absolutely love this business because it thrives with excitement every time I go there. I love the way they have concerts there every summer. The concerts in the summer make me want to go out more and they make me so excited to go to sandown.
The business also has go-karting which is where my boyfriend and I go every weekend and it makes life so fun, I get such an adrenalin rush from it, it's so much fun!
I also love the fact they have so much to do in one place, it is thriving with excitement and it's the perfect for all the family! Also very close to where I live so it's easily accessible. Great parking for my boyfriend and I too! Such an amazing place!
With its national reputation Sandown Park is a great local facility. We have held major dinners/reception in their facilites, particpated in christmas fairs, enjoyed an eveninggs racing and use the leisure centre for the ski slope and gym. All much appreciated
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