Halloween Ghost Pretzels – simple to make but scary!! Impress the kids
28th October 2013
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Here’s a very simple Halloween treat you or the kids could make. Simple but impressive.


Pretzel sticks – about 20

1/2 bag white chocolate chips

10 milk chocolate chips

Microwave the white chocolate chips for around 1 minute on half power, stir and heat for 10 second intervals until smooth. Dip the pretzels and lay on parchment paper or stick into a bowl filled with grains or rice to keep upright. Allow to cool and harden. Heat the  milk chocolate chips for about 10 second on half power, stir and heat again for around 5 second or until melted and smooth.

 Using a toothpick, dip into melted chocolate and form eyes and a mouth.

Let harden and serve.

I was shown the recipe by a friend – taken from Babble

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