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I have had Matthews Business Associates carrying out my accounts for a few years now. Geoff is more than accountant, and his team send reminders for my VAT, CIS and anything else that crops up. The Service is exceptional, and I have never had accountants that seem to want you to succeed as much as they do.
Highly recommended, these guys have set me off to get my records in order, and just recently a meeting, highlighted isuues that were in the back of my mind but could have been a disaster if the regular meetings weren't in place. Very professional, highly recommended.
Matthews Business Associates -
Hi Geoff
Many thanks for your help - good results!
Matthews Associates were able to get over £3000 of Tax penalties cancelled Here is what his customer had to say.
As we say down here, "You're a legend".
Thanks for all you're help. It's been greatly appreciated.
I'll fix up the outstanding today.
I hope I can pass on your details to someone someday as I'd gladly recommend you. Cheers”
Thank you for your help over the last year. You have not only reduced our costs substantially with regards to day to day book keeping, you have also enabled us to simplify our accounting systems, resulting in more accurate and timely accounts.
Migrating our accounting systems from Sage to Kashflow has been excellent. Having struggled to use Sage, even after extensive and expensive training. Kashflow however, made the production of our 2010 accounts a breeze, dare I say even enjoyable, and the free trial of the software gave us the confidence to switch.
We no longer need to employ a book keeper, as updating the records takes less than one hour per week by anyone who can use a computor, it is that simple. We do not have to worry about backups as they are online and we can access them from anywhere. VAT is simple. Reporting is great and it is easy to export raw data.
As a result and for the first time our books were ready in the month after our year end.
Well done & Thanks again!
This year, Geoff Matthews and his team have helped our company well beyond what was expected.

There had been a few hiccups in the preceeding couple of years, but, undaunted, they came to a view that was able to be satisfactorily presented as the company accounts for tax purposes. Geoff has a wealth of experiance with small companies.

Using Kashflow online, as recommended by Geoff,has also been a liberating experiance. Any business with a fair number of daily transactions would be well advised to adopt it. It comes as part of the package with Matthews Business Associates.

I have no hesitation of recommending Geoff to anyone in business.
It has been great to get to know you and your business over the last few years. There is no doubt that you and your colleagues make an excellent team. Your approach is very professional and you always give an honest and reliable service.

Many people are afraid of asking an accountant to help with their new or established business, they might think that they will be charged a fortune for every phone call and every piece of advice. However, your way of dealing with businesses is very different and is very straight forward. I do not hesitate to recommend your services. Andrea V. Speclean.
I have been using Mathews Business Associates in both a commercial and personal capacity.
Most recently Geoff Mathews has been handeling an inland revenue investigation into my personal tax affairs for 06-07 which I can honestly say the outlook / liability was not looking very promising at all.
Despite this Mathews Business Associates persevered sending in total four letters and advising me of information it might be wise to have to hand in the absence of any documentation to support my claims Geoff also telephoned the investigator on a number of occassions to guage the personality we were dealing with and discuss the areas of concern in more depth, whilst being robust in rebuffing the investigators claims. Cutting to the chase I was expecting to pay several thousands of pounds plus interest as I could not get my hands on the necessary ducumentary proofs. I received a letter today stating that the case had now been closed and that the Inland Revenue owed me £300.00 what an outcome and all down to Mathews Business Associates.
I am now using Geoff and the team to pick up accounts, management accounts and back office services, tax advice following the purchase of two limited companies and will add a testimonial once I have completed the handover.
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