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The home of traditional Nigerian cooking in Surrey.

If you're looking for a unique and different dining experience that makes your catered event stand out from the crowd, then Laraba Catering will tantalise your taste buds and begin a journey of discovery into Nigerian food.

Bringing the authentic taste of West Africa straight to your table Laraba Catering offers something different in the form of affordable with African food to a whole host of events - from family parties and busy homes to corporate events.

Explore a whole new world of dining pleasure, tickle your taste buds and discover Laraba’s delicious freshly cooked traditional Nigerian dishes today.  

Lara’s story: a lifetime of Nigerian cooking

As the founder of Laraba Catering, Lara is passionate about introducing people to the wonderful world of delicious and healthy Nigerian dishes.

Born in Lagos, Lara has developed a love of being in the kitchen since before she was ten, growing (quite literally!) from standing on a footstool to reach the cooker to honing her skills and becoming a fabulous Nigerian cook!

Living in Surrey with her family for more than twenty years, Lara has delighted many satisfied customers with exquisite Nigerian dishes, and while Nigerian cuisine may not have established itself in the culinary mainstream – with Lara working her magic, it's only a matter of time...!

Laraba Catering

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Delicious Nigerian cuisine to tantalise your taste buds


About Nigerian food

Taking its influence from hundreds of cultures, Nigerian food is so diverse and unique in style. With no one "signature dish", Nigerian food is characterised by regional cuisine that enjoys a blend of local customs, traditions and the seasons too.

Before the rains fall in March there’s a ‘hungry season’, with the harvests at the end of the year heralding the arrival of a ‘season of surplus’.

One thing that Nigerian meals are renowned for is being full of flavour, colour and spices! You'll find many of the dishes contain rice, yam, plantain and beans, and are served in an eclectic mix of nutritious sauces, soups, stews and rice dishes.


Nigerian catering for the home, parties and events

Make variety the spice of life with Laraba’s exquisite Nigerian cuisine for any event!

Home: no time to do your weekly shop or cook for yourself? No problem! Laraba Catering can deliver five complete meals for the week. No stress, just fine home cooking to enjoy at your leisure.

Parties: whatever the event - family birthdays, christenings, graduations, home-comings, weddings, or simply entertaining friends - the perfect way to enjoy the special occasion and spend time with your guests is to let Laraba cater for you at your home or venue. 

Events: add the ultimate "WOW" factor to your next event with catering that's unique, delicious and will leave your guests with an event to remember. Laraba has catered for up to 500 covers, designing bespoke Nigerian menus to suit all tastes and all kinds of event.

Laraba Catering

07836 732 618

Make your event stand out with exquisite Nigerian cuisine

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