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If you or your staff are lacking in the confidence to make your business grow, talk to empowerU - specialists in motivational training, mentoring and business coaching in Epsom and Ewell.


Motivational Business Coaching in Epsom and Ewell 

empowerU is owned by Julia Searle, an experienced motivational business coach who has years of experience training and mentoring businesses and individuals throughout Epsom and Ewell and Surrey. 

Helping to build confidence, improve leadership skills, promote team building and more, empowerU helps you take the next steps to improve the skills of your employees and grow your company. 

For motivational business coaching, call empowerU for more information.


01342 770583

Motivational Business Coaching

Business Coaching Services

empowerU offers a wide range of wide range of business coaching services:

  • Business Coaching and Corporate Coaching – courses and training days
  • Team Training – identifying your role within the team and examining strengths and weaknesses to optimise output and effectiveness.
  • Leadership Skills and Management – helping you to take charge and become a better leader or manager.
  • Management Training – giving you effective skills on how to communicate and problem solve at all levels.
  • Corporate Games – competitive team challenges to help your staff interactively engage.
  • Customer Service Training – allows staff to understand and appreciate the significance of client retention.
  • Diversity Training – ensuring every manager knows their legal obligation to the company and staff.
  • Sales Training – perfect for getting your team to understand the selling process.
  • Team Services - helping your team become a happy one.

For more information on any of the services provided, call today! 


01342 770583

Need training and mentoring? Contact empowerU

Why Choose empowerU? 

It’s simple … 

  • They have years of experience in training and mentoring
  • You will receive all the training and coaching you need to become successful.
  • Training and mentoring is offered throughout the UK
  • You will find the confidence to be the best that you can be.
  • You will receive an honest approach to help you grow personally and professionally. 

To be successful in business, talk to the team at empowerU today.

01342 770583

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Latest Feedback

In January 2018
Karen J said

Julia and I have been working together for just short of a year now. It is a much looked forward to hour every two weeks in my diary. Time where I get clear and focus on my own goals, how effective my...