Epsom & Ewell Mobile Massage

Epsom & Ewell Mobile Massage offer all the benefits of a professional massage service at your own location. Aromatherapy, relaxing, deep tissue, sports and Lymphatic Drainage massage treatments – highly qualified ITEC Level 4 therapist Theo provides all the equipment needed to ensure you get the best benefits from his treatments.

Epsom & Ewell Mobile Massage

Massage for individuals, couples and groups

Specialising in Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Massage for Couples

For a Sense of well being…

Theo Theodoris is well known in the area for his fundraising for the Neonatal Unit and Business Networking.

Theo's hands can help ease the aches and pains and stresses from our lives.

Visiting your home, business premises or event location, Theo can bring his professional masseur skills to you.

Highly qualified in his field, with ITEC Level 4 qualification, ‘The Raworth Aromatherapy Diploma’, and recent chairman of ‘The Sutton Complementary Health Network’. Theo was also the in-house Massage Therapist at The Hilton, and has practised his skill to clients from all over the world, and is one of The Official Massage Therapists of Sport Massages to The London Marathon.

Epsom & Ewell Mobile Massage – For a Sense of Well Being

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Aromatherapy Massage

For a beneficial effect on all your senses. Using Essential oils from plant extracts A full holistic Body Massage.

Let your senses feel the effect of this soothing, stress relieving therapy.

Sports Massage

Ideal for both injury preventation and recovery, the manipulation of the soft body tissue is very beneficial for those who undertake regular physical activities.

Deep Tissue Massage

Let those aches and pains drift away together with the stress and tension in your body. This deep tissue massage help improves circulation and stimulates your immune system.

The massage is ideal for:

aches, stress, anxiety, insomina, headaches, fatigue and much more

The effects will leave you with a “Sense of Well Being”.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) 


MLD is a specialised massage technique which encourages the natural process of the lymphatic vessels and can help boost your energy levels. It is a gentle light touch full body massage treatment, which will help boost your immune system, help give your body a good detox whilst promoting healing and help fight infection.

Some of the main benefits is for people going through Pre and post-surgeries including cosmetic surgery to aid recovery and healing, helps reduce bruising, swelling and reducing the visibility of scars. It encourages healing of fractures, torn ligaments and sprains and lessens the pain, helps relieves fluid congestion and oedema, effective in the control of Lymphoedema and help deep relaxation to aid insomnia, depression, anxiety and stress. 

Epsom & Ewell Mobile Massage – Treatments for you

 A Mobile Massage

Ideal for corporate events, private parties, groups, hen celebrations, fun days, couples or an individual, Epsom & Ewell Mobile Massage has mobile massage equipment which ensures a professional service, in your home, office or event location.

From one hour treatments to indulgent one and a half hour full body Massages. Epsom & Ewell Mobile Massage Therapist Theo will tailor you Massage to your requirements.

Epsom & Ewell Mobile Massage – Massage at your chosen location.


Epsom & Ewell Mobile Massage offering a professional service at the location of your choice.

07711 724129

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