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Experts in Hosted VoIP, Internet Connectivity, Mobile and cloud based services

59b6732bc6a711569900155bLet MLCS be your guide in the world of connectivity. The internet has become an unmissable factor in daily life and in business, as it affects everything we do in so many ways. MLCS sets out to show you how you can make the most of the internet in your business. They work with you to not just improve your business, but to transform the way in which you do business.

Hosted Voice-over-IP (Hosted VoIP) can be a game changer for your business, it just requires a good internet connection (and MLCS can do this for you). Once set up, Hosted VoIP it means no more telephone lines, phone systems, engineer visits for small changes or call charges to UK landline and mobiles. Use smartphones? They can be integrated into your Hosted VoIP system, so that you can be called on your mobile as if you were sitting at your desk. All the usual features you would expect of a telephone system are included, such as Auto-Attendant, Hunt Groups, Music-on-Hold and Voicemail, plus Voicemail-to-Email, Conference Calls, Live Stats online, plus optional Call Recording, CRM Integration and Call Centre.

In addition to Hosted VoIP, MLCS can support you with anything cloud related, be it connectivity to the internet, devices, applications, storage, security services, business continuity or disaster recovery. MLCS takes setting up and transforming your business's communication to a whole new level, and they make things simple to understand and hassle free for you!

Established in 1998, MLCS is THE leading hosted VoIP company. They partner with network operators such as BT, Gamma, Virgin and Vonage meaning they only deliver market leading products and services. When working with MLCS you have access to all deals from their partner networks, plus MLCS has additional, exclusive deals for their customers alone!

More and more businesses are making the switch to hosted VoIP and are freeing themselves from the ties and costs of traditional telephone systems. Don’t get left behind, call MLCS today on 01480 371600.

Member of The Top 1%
Member of The Top 1%
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