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Joyner Bolt Ltd provide a revolutionary product for joining timber to timber or timber to metal and are based in Ely, March and North Cambridgeshire.

59b6732bc6a711569900155bJoyner Bolt Ltd has designed a revolutionary new, task-specific spiked timber fixing called the Joyner Bolt which was launched in the United Kingdom in October of 2015. Based in the Ely, March and North Cambridgeshire area . They supply across the UK the bolt which joins timber to timber or timber to metal.

The Joyner Bolt eliminates the limitations experienced with traditional coach bolt and threaded rod systems that have been used for construction over the past 100 years.

This product was designed by Daniel Hardingham (a chartered surveyor) and Mark Doyle (a carpenter) as a result of the problems they constantly faced when it came to fixing timber on-site. They brought their years of experience and knowledge together to come up with the Joyner Bolt as the solution.

Now many of the traditional problems such as turning within the timber, pulling through over-drilled holes, and high wastage levels have now been eliminated. The product is fully aligned with the necessary building regulations and CE Mark requirements. The size range is comprised of just ten bolts which cater for 99% of every timber to timber and timber to metal scenarios.

Their Joyner bolt product gives a hole size tolerance, doesn’t turn in the timber, cannot be pulled through the timber, it cannot be over-boarded without the need for counter-sinking, only one hand is needed in order to install it, it is task-specific, easy to use, the spikes will hold it in place and you only need to access it from one side in order to secure the nut.

Joyner Bolt has won the 2017 Structural Timber Association – Production Innovation of the Year Award, as well as being the winner of Innovative Product of Year - Torque Magazine in 2016.

To get in touch with the team at Joyner Bolt Ltd, you can send them an email at or you can give them a call at 01353 722631 or visit Joyner Bolt


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