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ginger snap design, Edinburgh

Colin from Ginger Snap is one of those designers who live and work in the real world. Sometimes that's not always the case and, no matter how tight the brief, you end up with something wierd, whacky and totally impractical. Colin is not like that. His work is innovative, exciting and entirely usable. He takes a brief, no matter how... ephemeral... and turns it into something that can be used, that ties in with the rest of the brand and builds a strong and cohesive design. I know all this because we've recently worked with Colin on a couple of jobs, one for us and another for one of our clients. Both were completed quickly and with some excellent designs that really enhanced our projects. I would put Colin in front of any of our clients, at any time, and be confident of the way he would work with them... and I don't say that very often. Highly recommended, we will be working with Colin again and you should think about, too!