World Stress Day
2nd November 2016
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What is Stress, and what can it do to us?

It can be a feeling of anxiety, or fear for the future. It can be a feeling of tightness or being trapped. It can be a feeling of being overwhelmed by responsibilities of too much to do and not enough time.

Emotionally, we may respond by becoming angry, upset and feeling that we can't cope. Physically, our bodies respond by tightening the muscles, and flooding our system with blood supplies - preparing us to run or fight.

 In antiquity this response was very much needed - as we may have had to escape from danger. In modern times we may not act, and, if not used up, the energy produced gets internalised and bound up in the muscles.

 We can banish the tightness through exercise, and massage, of course, but hypnotherapy is also an excellent way to control the stress and help the system to return to normal.

Matthew Hall,Master in Clinical Hypnosis

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