World Hypnotism Day
2nd January 2017
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 World Hypnotism Day was set up  in order to educate the public concerning the different ways in which hypnotism can be used. 

A lot of people who have seen stage or television hypnosis may believe that it is all about persuading people to cluck like a chicken, or be foolish in front of a crowd. Those of us who were thoroughly entertanied by Paul Mckenna's Hypnotic World and You're Back In The Room may not be aware of the other uses of hypnosis.

 But Paul himself wrote an excellent introduction to hypnotherapy and many specialist books with supporting Cds on hypnotherapy topics. He has shown that hypnotherapy can be used to help people solve problems, overcome fears and acheive goals. It can also be used to overcome addictions -not only to help quit smoking, but also drug and alcohol use. 

Folks put on an average of seven pounds extra weight at Christmas, but hypnotherapy can help this disappear, and, with Hypnotic Gastric Banding, prevent relapse.

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