World Hypnosis Day - January 4th 2015
3rd January 2015
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World Hypnosis Day - January 4th 2015

 Tomorrow is promoted by my colleagues in the USA as World Hypnosis Day.

It may seem a little cynical, but it is to give hope to those whose New Year's Resolutions have, apparently, failed. But, just because you are doing what you always did, on January 1, doesn't mean that you have failed. You still have a whole year to put that change into practise.

 Some research was published recently by Professor Richard Wiseman, of Hertfordshire University. He looked at over one hundred volunteers trying to follow resolutions. He found that tiredness wipes out willpower. Lack of sleep was seen to leave the brain without the mental energy needed for willpower.

 A boozy late night on New Year's Eve would therefore be a bad way to start a resolution.

Hypnotherapy is about retraining the brain so that you can become closer to the person you want to be. So, if you need help to get back on track with a resolution, or simply to get more sleep,then hypotherapy may be able to help you. 

Matthew Hall,Master in Clinical Hypnosis

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