Will Your Property’s Value Be Affected by the New High Speed Line to Birmingham?
6th June 2011
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It may seem like a faraway prospect at the moment, but the government is proposing a £17billion high speed rail project that may very well affect your property’s worth or even your ability to sell the property at all.

The Facts
The proposed HS2 line would link London to Birmingham, cutting its way through Greenford, Northolt and Perivale without stopping before carrying on through Hillingdon, Buckinghamshire and then makes its way to the Midlands. The trains would embark from Euston and make a stop at Old Oak Common before then continuing on its way at a mind blowing 225mph.
Eventually, it is planned that this line will then continue to the North of England and Scotland.

The Concerns
Unfortunately, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, and hundreds of homes and businesses close to the new rail line could be adversely affected. Many people say that high speed rail lines are significantly louder and more disruptive than normal railways. It is also expected that the actual construction of the lines could be disruptive to residents and property owners, with the construction estimated to take years to finish.

Do You Own Property in the Proposed Path?
Visit www.dft.gov.uk/highspeedrail to see a detailed route map to see what areas will be affected by the high speed line.

What Can You Do If You Own Property in the Train’s Path?
1. Voice your opinion - The government has been running a public consultation to gather the views of the public on this issue. A deadline of July 29th, 2011 has been set to make your views heard.
To voice your opinion on this project and its possible effects on your property you can fill out an online questionnaire at: www.dft.gov.uk/highspeedrail

2. Oppose the Plans - If you are opposed to the plans there are two opposition groups you can contact for help or to take part. Find out more at: www.hs2actionalliance.org and www.stophs2.org

3. Claim Compensation – The Department for Transport (DFT) has set up an “exceptional hardship” scheme to compensate people who can prove that they are now unable to sell their property due to its location in the high speed train’s path. If you need help gathering the required proof, call our sales team on 0208 840 6666 to speak to one our award winning team about your concerns about the HS2 link and its affect on your property’s worth and potential for sale.

When Will the Final Plans Be Made
By the end of 2011, the Secretary of State for Transport, Philip Hammond, will receive a report that collates the findings of the public consultation and will be making a decision about the future of the HS2 and the homes in its path.
To find out more about HS2 in general call the public enquiry service on 0207 944 4908 or visit the government website at www.dft.gov.uk/highspeedrail or www.hs2.org.uk

If you need specific advice on the possible effect of HS2 on your property's value or the potential for sale in your specific circumstances please call Northfields sales team on 0208 840 6666 or e-mail your questions at sales@northfields.co.uk


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