Will losing the mirrors help?
2nd July 2016
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Will losing the mirrors help with body image?

 This week the Telegraph and the Metro reported that Hammerson stores were removing mirrors from their changing rooms - in response to a survey.

The survey had said that 71% of women were put off buying clothes by their reflection. 

 The CEO of Hammersons said that they hope to increase sales through this.

" We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable when trying on the clothes, that's why we are trialling banning the mirrors"

"We hope that women in particular will try something onand feel gorgeous and glamourous"

 Is this really going to increase sales, or increase returns?

 The Metro commented that hiding from the truth wasn't going to help. It would be better to encourage people to face reality and accept it.

At Effective Hypnosis we agree. But we also want to encourage positive change. If people have problems with body dysmorphia, we can fix that. But also we do want women to look at themselves in the mirror and think they look fantastic, so if they have problems with weight -we can fix that too. Effective Hypnosis is local to Ealin and Hillingdon.

 Do have a look at some of our testimonials on www.thebestof.co.uk/local/ealing and you'll see what we mean.

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