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11th March 2017
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 The World Health Organisation says that four in ten people are overweight, and one in ten are clinically obese. Obese people are at risk of dying from several forms of cancer. Today's Daily Mail looks at the pros and cons of weight loss surgery.

 They explain that bariatric surgical procedures work by restricting the amount of food the stomach can hold. There are two major types - gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.

 The sleeve is irreversable. It involves removing 80% of the stomach,  and because there is less space in the stomach, fewer calories are consumed. However, this procedure is linked to long term vitamin deficiencies.

 The gastric bypass divides the stomach into a smaller and larger pouch, and much of the food will bypass the digestion system. People eat smaller portions and the body absorbs fewer calories. However, it can involve a lengthy hospital stay, and patients have to take vitamin pills and mineral supplements for life.

 Alteratively, a Hypnotic Gastric Band service, from Effective Hypnosis involves -

No waiting period

No surgery

No recovery period

No vitamin or mineral deficiencies

 What you do get is -

A smaller appetite, whilst continuing to enjoy healthy, nutritious food.

Freedom from sugar poisoning your body, with a craving for fresh fruit and vegetables and nutritious food.

 Weight loss that stays off.

 Do have a look at our testimonials on this site, and at www.effectivehypnosis.co.uk 

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