Weight Loss Hypnosis
2nd June 2015
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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

We had a call at the weekend. The caller asked about Gastric Band Hypnosis, and, after we had explained the health benefits, asked how much it was.

We explained that it is a three session program – at £85 per session, or £170 paid at the first (third session free!).

Now, most people like to get something free, so plumb for this. But this caller started to argue that we were more expensive than a gym membership for a year – which he said was £16 a month. He said that he would stick with his gym membership as he felt that hypnotherapy for weight loss was only for lazy people, who couldn’t be bothered to use the gym.

 We didn’t know what to think - Was he a gym manager, trying to advertise? Was he a new hypnotherapist, checking out rival prices? Why was he ringing if he was satisfied that his gym membership was sufficient? Why did he want Gastric Band Hypnosis?

 The truth is that many people will join a gym with good intentions and lose interest pretty quickly. Those that stay with the gym may not see results very soon, and may be going for the endorphin rush. Nothing wrong with that. But, as the testimonials on www.thebestof.co.uk/local/ealing show, many people who come to Effective Hypnosis for Gastric Band Hypnosis see startling results in  weight loss within six weeks. Check this out here.

Matthew Hall

Master in Clinical Hypnosis


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