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5th January 2019
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Statita tells us the the most popular New Year's Resolutions are to eat more healthily and exercise more. How do we do this?

The US News and World Reports gives an annual ranking of diets - determined by nutrition and fitness experts. Their rankings are as follows - 

1. Their top recommended diet plan is The Mediterranian Diet. This recommends eating less red meat, sugar and saturated fats, dairy products in moderation, and encourages plant based foods, whole grains, lean protein and olive oil.

2. The second recommended plan is Weight Watchers. This concentrates on using a daily Smartpoints target in diet. This is reportedly easy to follow, witha telephone app to refer to.

3.The third recommended plan is the HMR diet. This is Health Management Resources - a low calorie plan with meal replacement shakes that encourage eating plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as exercise.

4. The fourth recommended plan is the Dash Diet. This reduces sodium in the diet, whilst encouraging vegetables, fruit and low fat dairy products - along with exercise.

5. The Nordic diet. This concentrates on locally produced food, discouraging red meat, additives, preservatives and processed foods.

6. The Ornish diet. This plan categorises foods into groups ranging from healthiest to least healthy, and encourages exercise.

7. The fertility diet. In order to encorage pregnancy , this diet cuts out trans fat, whist encouraging unsaturated vegetable oils and more vegetable proteins.

8. The mind diet. In order to avoid dementia, this encourages brain healthy foods - green, leafy vegetables, nuts, berries, beans, whole grain  foods, poulrty, olive oil and wine.

 Hypnotherapy can also help. It can end sugar addiction. It can encourage avoiding sugar rich foods and high fat savouries. It can encourage taking on more water rich foods, and fruit and vegetables. The natural sugars in fruit and vegetables are digested at a slower rate than added sugars - so shouldn't cause the harm that the other sugars do. It can install a hypnotic gastric band, cutting down on food intake. It can speed up the metabolism and get people to start exercising again. Do have a look at the 300+ testimonials from satisfied customers on www.thebestof.co.uk/local/ealing for hypnotherapy and also at www.effectivehypnosis.co.uk , especially the page on Weight Control.

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