Was it a National No Smoking Day for you?
15th March 2013
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Was it a National No Smoking Day for you?

A satisfied customer of Effective Hypnosis has posted a testimonial reminding us that she has gone a year without smoking, and is now enroled to train as a hypnotherapist. How much of a backing is that?

 But it was only when her children nagged her about smoking on  National No Smoking Day  that she rang us up, having failed to stop with willpower alone.

NNSD do recommend the use of Nicotine Replacemnt Products along with willpower, and perhaps she should have tried these too.

 We don't mean to knock the organisers of National No Smoking Day. After all, they have been going for thirty years, and have helped many smokers considor another way of living. But willpower is said to have only a 6% success rate, and Nicotine Replacement Products a success rate of 16%.

 If people really want to be successful in stopping smoking, and changing their lives they need to considor reframing their attitude. Hypnotherapy can provude a tremendous motivation for another way of living.

 We are specialists in this field, and have many testimonials from satisfied customers on this network - see www.effectivehypnosis.co.uk/home  for details.



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