Warnings on Starbucks calorie count
30th April 2013
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Is your Starbucks making you fat?

 The American comedy 'Friends' made coffee bars popular worldwide. But, according to health minister, Anna Souberry, they could be making us fat. She has spoken out about how many people have no idea how many calories can be gained from a snack there.

 Just to put this into perspective - the average male needs 2,500 calories a day, and the average female needs 2,000 per day.

 Figures from Starbucks are -

Hot chocolate (made with wholemilk ) 618 calories

Whipped Cream 72 cals

Shot of syrup 20 cals

Caramel topping 15 cals

Sprinkles 4 cals

Chocolate topping 6 cals

Chocolate chunk cookie 499 cals

 Total 1,234 calories a huge section of daily calory intake, without eating a proper meal.

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