Warnings about pain killer addictions
5th December 2015
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Warnings About Pain Killer Addictions

 The Daily Mail reported today about how addiction to painkillers can lead on to heroin addiction. Joseph J Palmar  published on research of over 15,000 high school students.  He states that over 25% of high school heroin users startedy using prescription opioids.

"A teen may take oxycotin a couple of times and remain unscathed, but a lot of teens don't realise these pills can be physically addicting ...teens experimenting with pills need to look at all the people beoming addicted to and dying from heroin. Most of these people started on pills and felt they had no choice but to move onto heroin."

Of course, it would be easy in the UK to say that drugs are handed out like sweets in the US, and that it wouldn't happen here. But Effective Hypnosis has dealt with addictions to the opiates codeine and tramadol as well as withdrawal from sleeping pill addiction, and herion addiction itself.

 Do have a look at some of the testimonials to  our work on this network and www.effectivehypnosis.co.uk 

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