Want your brain to give up smoking?
17th June 2014
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Want your brain to give up smoking?

Researchers at the Penn State University in Pennsylvania have been looking at the MRI scans of people trying to give up smoking and their responses to rewards. Assuming that the major motivations of those that want to give up are either saving money or health benefits , they looked at the neurotransmitters lighting up to suggestions that these benefits were actually taking place.

 They noted that some participants showed weaker responses in their reward centres than others.

 Effective Hypnosis had a detailed look at some of the tests and were not convinced -ie If you refrain from smoking for ten minutes you will get a dollar.  If you refrain from smoking you might have more wind to climb the stairs Some people's neurotransmitters reacted differently than others.

Now to some,getting a dollar may mean a lot, whereas to others, it may be mean very little. To some, climbing the stairs may not be an issue. So of course people may have reacted differetly.

 The Effective Hypnosis stance is this - it costs at least £7  to smoke 20 cigarettes a day,which is over £2,500 a year - if you stop you may save this amount.

 From the moment you stop smoking your health will improve dramatically-you will live longer and look younger,and you will feel fantastic.

I wonder if the Penn State University would test people on their reactions to these statements. many people have reacted very favourably to our messages - see the testimonials on this site,and/or www.effectivehypnosis.co.uk/home

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