Using The Fast Diet To Lose Weight For Christmas
30th October 2016
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Today's Mail on Sunday features an article on how the Fast Diet can help you to lose weight before the Christmas Party Season.

The whole idea behind this is that you can eat normally for five days, and then restrict your calorie intake for the remaining two days of the week - to 600 calories for men  and 500 calories for women.

 They claim that scientific studies have shown that this is a perfect method to lose weight - by 1lb - 2lbs a week. Therefore, if you follow it for the six weeks before Christmas, you are likely to lose a stone in weight by then.

 They do give advice on recipes for foods that will take into account the restrictions,  advice on cutting down on alcohol, exercise, and what treats to avoid.

 The article can be found on the Mail's website, or further information on 

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