UK has highest obesity rate in Western Europe
11th November 2017
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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development have released figures showing that more than one in four British people is now obese. There are fears that being fat has become normalised.

 Whilst it is recognised by  the Obesity Health Alliance that American TV may have influenced us in regarding overweight as normal, they recommend tackling the problem earlier - overweight children are much more likely to become overweight adults. Processed food can be laden with corn starch, corn sugar and other synthesised ingredients - leading to obesity and diabetes. Bringing domestic science back into schools would help to teach kids how to budget, what healthy foods to buy, how to cook and time management. Despite the explosive expansion of fast food shops, the young might begin to look after themselves better.

 But what about overweight adults? Public Health Enland officially recommends that GPs send people to slimming clubs - despite the evidence that the benefit is short term. In fact, we do need educating that too much sugar, high calories and processed food, with little nutritional value,  leads to a health time bomb - of heart attacks, strokes,  cancer,  and muscular-skeletal pain..

Of course there are medical exceptions, and eating problems can be triggered by emotional problems leading to comfort eating and drinking to forget. But we do need to remember that our bodies adjust to whatever amount of calories we eat versus what we burn. In order to lose weight we need to keep decreasing calorific intake and increase calorific output. Afterwards we then have to maintain the intake/output that got us to our goal weight.

 Hypnotherapy can assist with educating people away from unhealthy foods and on to more nutritional ones, reducing food intake,  tackling emotional problems and helping the brain to recognise fullness earlier. We also work on encouraging healthy exercise.

Effective Hypnosis has been tremendously successful in helping people to control their weight - see the 300+ testimonials to our work on 

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