11th December 2018
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 Hypnotherapy is about transformation. Some people just want to fit into their clothes better, or to buy smaller sized clothes.  Hypnotherapy can transform them.Others may just want to live longer - so that  they can be around to get to know their grandchildren. this means giving up the harmful addictions. Hypnotherapy can transform them too. Some may feel that they are embarrassing relatives and want to love their bodies again.

 Effective Hypnosis has been helping people to transform their lives since 2000. Do have a look at the 300+ testimonials on this site, and at You might find something that resonnates with you about the transformation you want in your life.

 Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis

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The state of hypnosis is very like the state between waking and sleeping. There are various methods of getting you to this state. But once you are there - you are highly suggestible to positive suggestions....

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