Top tips for getting a good night's sleep
19th September 2012
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I believe that adequate, good quality sleep is essential to our health and well-being in every sense. The truth is that these days, few people get enough sleep and many people suffer from insomnia, sleep deprivation, and other acute and chronic sleep disorders. Some people can’t get to sleep, others can’s stay asleep and others are just too busy to sleep!

A lack of sleep for whatever reason, has many consequences for us, including reduced mood, impaired recovery post-exercise, low energy levels, and a weaker immune system. Whilst we should sleep for roughly 7-9 hours each night, we all have the odd late night or evening where we can’t get to sleep due to one thing or another and that is fine as long as on the whole we are sleeping well.

It is also interesting that sleep is one thing essential to our daily function, that we can’t ‘store’ in advance of a period of sleep deprivation. Our ability to go sustained periods without any sleep is also pretty impressive and I have experienced this many times during my Army career, often going days on only 1 or 2 hours of sleep.

So, hopefully you believe me that sleep is pretty important, and that is why we focus on it during week 1 of bootcamp and why I write about it in the Bootcamp Bible also. There are many things we can do for optimal sleep, some obvious, others less so. I have listed them in a very loose order of priority below with explanations of each. Have a read, and see which ones apply to you and start making some small and gradual changes and hopefully reap the benefits with a great sleep! For these tips follow this link

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