Today is St Patrick's Day - How are you celebrating?
17th March 2015
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For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way
Good health, good luck and happiness
For today and every day

St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and he died on March 17th AD 461, but what do we really know about him – here are some interesting facts:

  • Patrick wasn’t actually born in Ireland, he was born in Scotland or Wales around the year AD 385
  • Patrick was captured by Irish raiders aged 16 and taken as a slave to Ireland for six years
  • Patrick prayed a great deal while tending the flocks and was eventually told to convert the Irish to Christianity
  • After 30 years of being a missionary he finally settled in County Down. St Patrick died on 17th March, AD 461.
  • The association of St Patrick’s Day with the colour green is connected with his alleged use of the three-leafed shamrock to depict the Trinity.
  • On St Patrick’s Day 13 million pints of Guinness are drunk worldwide.
  • Children in Ireland have a tradition of pinching their friends who don’t wear green on St Patricks Day.

Let us know how you are celebrating St Patricks Day, we’d love to hear your stories.  

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