There is Life Beyond Smoking
24th December 2011
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Many of us start to wonder how we could improve our lives at this time of year.  Some people overindulge in alcohol and food intake during the festivities,  so resolve to get these under control. Those suffering from coughing and spluttering may want to stop smoking.

Quitting smoking seems to make such sense - there are many health benefits and there are financial ones too. But people fear withdrawal symptoms and also feel that quitting will make them feel miserable.

Many smokers believe that quitting  not only will be very hard to do, but will also reduce their quality of life. But research from the University of Wisconsin shows that  giving up smoking benefits wellbeing.

The researchers measured the responses of both smokers and those who had quit over a period of three years - in areas of self regard, philosophy of life, standard of living, work, and recreation, learning, creativity and relationships. The results showed that those who had quit smoking  were not only happier, but had a much greater satisfaction with their health and with life.

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